Price of petrol in Pakistan?

 Price of petrol in Pakistan?

what is the Price of petrol today in Pakistan?

30 September 2022 Petrol Price

Product NameRs./Litre
PREMIER EURO 5Rs.224.80/Ltr
What is the price of petrol today in Pakistan?

Why haven’t revised petrol prices in Pakistan been announced yet?

ISLAMABAD: Petrol prices, which are revised fortnightly in Pakistan, have not been changed yet as Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has yet to give his directions, sources told Geo News Thursday night.

Sources familiar with the matter said that the prime minister — who is currently in Samarkand, Uzbekistan — has the authority to approve changes to the price of petroleum products.

But PM Shehbaz is attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s (SCO) Council of Heads of State (CHS) summit, where he also held meetings with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and others.

A fuel station worker fills petrol in a vehicle at a petrol pump in Karachi on oct 01, 2022. — PPI

“The finance ministry is awaiting the prime minister’s directions. Once, the prime minister makes a decision on the summary sent to him, only then will the new prices be issued,” the sources said.

The News reported that the price of petrol was likely to drop from Rs223.98 per litre to Rs226.36 after a cut of Rs9.62 per litre for the next fortnight.

However, a slight increase of Rs3.04 per litre is expected in the price of diesel, taking the rate up from Rs247.26 per litre to Rs250.30 for the said duration.

source: GEO TV

What is petrol price in Punjab india today?

Petrol is being traded across Punjab at an average price of Rs 96.57. No change was recorded in the price in Punjab since yesterday, September 14th 2022. Petrol prices in Punjab closed at an average price of Rs 96.58 per litre last month on Aug 31, 2022, unchanged in the month

What is the price of diesel South Africa?

For comparison, the average price of diesel in the world for this period is 33.28 South African Rand.

South Africa Diesel prices, 12-Sep-2022.

South Africa Diesel pricesLitreGallon

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