PTA mobile tax increase, PTA mobile tax calculator

 PTA mobile tax increase, PTA mobile tax calculator

PTA mobile tax increase increased on all iPhone variants, its a very Bad news for iPhone Lovers.

PTA mobile tax calculator

PKR 108,000 (On Passport)
PKR 132,000 (On ID Card)

iPhone (All Variants) Tax Payable

Are you planning to buy an iPhone 13 model abroad and bring it in for your personal use to Pakistan? Sure, but due to DIRBS, you’ll have to pay PTA tax in order to register it and be able to use it with your local SIM here in Pakistan. The Apple iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max tax /customs duty that you would have to pay mentioned above has to be paid within 30 days (in case of PTA Passport registration) and 60 days (in case of PTA ID card registration) in order to register your phone with PTA to use it with any local network if you are importing it to Pakistan.

Disclaimer: Taxes are approximate and may vary from 5-10%, not more.


Do not forget to Register the Second SIM / Digital SIM on Your Latest iPhone or You might face issues in the future!

Want to know the import duties on other smartphones / mobile phones?

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