Honda Atlas increased Bike prices November 2022

 Honda Atlas increased Bike prices November 2022

Honda Atlas increases bike prices up to Rs15,000, that increased will apply from 1 November 2022.

پیر کو ڈیلرز نے بتایا کہ بائیک بنانے والی کمپنی اٹلس ہونڈا نے اپنے دو پہیوں کی قیمتوں میں 15,000 روپے تک کے اضافے کی اطلاع دی ہے، نئی قیمتیں یکم نومبر سے لاگو ہوں گی۔

نظرثانی کے بعد ہونڈا سی ڈی 70 کی قیمت 5,000 روپے سے بڑھ کر 121,500 روپے ہو جائے گی۔

اسی طرح، CD70 ڈریم ویرینٹ اب روپے 5,400 کے اضافے کے بعد 129,900 روپے میں دستیاب ہوگا۔

The Pridor model will now be sold at Rs161,900, after an increase of Rs6,000. The cost of CG125 saw an increase of Rs6,000 and it will now sell at Rs185,900.

The rate of CG125S has been hiked by Rs9,000 to Rs219,500. The price of Honda CB125F has increased to Rs283,900, following a hike of Rs10,000.

The CB150F and CB150 SE models witnessed upward price revisions of Rs15,000 each. The new rate of CB150F is Rs353,900 while the CB150 SE will now sell at Rs357,900.

Pridor ماڈل 6000 روپے کے اضافے کے بعد اب 161,900 روپے میں فروخت کیا جائے گا۔ CG125 کی قیمت میں 6,000 روپے کا اضافہ دیکھا گیا اور اب یہ 185,900 روپے میں فروخت ہوگا۔

CG125S کی قیمت میں 9,000 روپے کا اضافہ کر کے 219,500 روپے کر دیا گیا ہے۔ Honda CB125F کی قیمت 10,000 روپے کے اضافے کے بعد 283,900 روپے ہو گئی ہے۔

CB150F اور CB150 SE ماڈلز کی قیمتوں میں ہر ایک میں 15,000 روپے کا اضافہ دیکھا گیا۔ CB150F کا نیا ریٹ 353,900 روپے ہے جبکہ CB150 SE اب 357,900 روپے میں فروخت ہوگا۔

Atlas Honda increases motorcycle prices by as much as Rs15,000

Speaking to Business Recorder, Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers (APMA) Chairman Sabir Sheikh said that the automobile industry has been under severe crisis due to import restrictions put in place by the government.

According to him, Chinese motorcycle manufacturers were hit the worst because their sales fell by up to 80%.

“Sales of Suzuki and Yamaha bikes have also dropped by 20%,” he said. “So far, Honda is in luck as it has yet to see a drop in sales.”

Atlas Honda jacks up motorcycle prices by as much as Rs9,000

However, another industry source said prices of bike raw material such as steel have also witnessed a sharp hike due to government’s import restrictions.

In an effort to ease pressure off foreign exchange reserves, the government fixed import quotas for the automobile industry in May 2022 and manufacturers are now able to purchase just 50% of what it did from abroad.

Sources in the industry have stated that imposition of quota by the government has severely disturbed the supply chain of the industry. Moreover, they said that many auto parts vendors were unable to import their allowed quotas due to delays in opening of Letters of Credit (LCs) by banks and due to confusion over the change in procedure of opening them.

Sources also stated that lack of proper supply in the domestic market drove the prices of raw material upwards.

Source: brecorder, atlashonda

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