OPPO OS-Air3 price in Pakistan

 OPPO OS-Air3 price in Pakistan

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  • Description:The OPPO OS-Air3 Wireless Earphone FEATURESOPPO OS-Air3 Wireless Earphone;
    • Wireless Charging
    • Free Switch Left & Right
    • Auro Power ON/OFF
    • Touch Sensor
    • No Light Version
    • GPS for IOS 
OPPO OS-Air3 price in Pakistan

Bluetooth five.0 & One-Step Pairing:

Modern day Bluetooth 5.0 assist almost all Bluetooth gadgets. wi-fi Bluetooth earbuds can be auto Pairing after taking them from the charging case. Open the field, you can seamlessly pair the wireless earbuds to your Bluetooth gadgets automatically with none hassle. You don’t want any abilities to apply Bluetooth earbuds. In multiple seconds, you may be for your euphonic tune world

Breathtaking track first-rate & long Battery existence:

The specific stereo sound first-rate and layout offers you the appropriate sound, and you could sense the greater sensible track. .single charging can maintain earbuds working 4 hours. The Charging Case provides 6 times charging for earbuds, absolutely 35 hours operating time. you could fee your earbuds every time and anywhere you want.

IPX7 water-proof & clever:

Liquid crystal display digital display With the assist of IPX7 water-resistant, save you sweat and rainwater effectively, T8 can keep away from rainwater and sweat get into earbuds. In clever liquid crystal display digital display you could take a look at battery consumption show each time. Charging case presents its battery from 1%-100%.There are separated left and right headphone electricity intake indicator.

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